Vacuum Metalizing

Vacuum Metalizing

For plastic metalizing treatment, UV coating has excellent performance for adhesive, anti scratch and anti finger print. Vacuum Metalizing (VM) is a process of evaporating metals (most commonly aluminium) that takes place in a vacuum chamber to achieve a thin uniform of metalized layer.

YPC Malaysia is currently using aluminium, indium and tin for the VM process. VM process takes place in a closed chamber under high vacuum, which allows the liquid metal to go from a condensed phase to a vapour phase. The aluminium vapour adheres to the surface of the substrate, producing a metal coating on a film, fabric or part. The vacuum deposited coating is uniform across the entire web of the substrate. Vacuum metalizing has many uses including EMI/RFI shielding, decorative metallic and chrome like finishes, highly reflective coatings, heat shielding, vapour barriers, and many more.

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