spray process

Painting always make a simple plastic part to be out of the ordinary. To cover varieties plastic parts in terms of shape, size and color, YPC Malaysia are offering several types of spraying service such as 1K & 2K painting (spindle line & robotic spray), Piano black painting (spindle line & robotic spray), UV coating (with/without VM process) (spindle line), and Flocking spraying.

1K painting and 2K painting is the common technique for plastic painting. 1K painting is having quicker drying times as it is air drying paint. Whereas, 2K painting is more suitable for heavy use products as it can sustain longer in a harsh environments or/and high temperature environment. YPC Malaysia does have experience in spraying Matte paint, Soft Touch paint and Texture paint. 

Piano black painting is painting the part using high gloss paint, which finished goods reflect as a shining mirror surface. We do have Spindle Lines for spraying small parts with faster speed and high volumes of orders. Whereas, Robotic Spray application is high transfer in efficiency and precisely applied to reduce overspray. Also it is repeatability with consistence spray pattern and parameters. It has great flexibility and part accessibility

Spray Machines & Facilities

Spindle 1K/2K Line 1 Unit
Spindle UV Line 2 Units
Robotic line (Kawasaki & Yaskawa) 2 Units

Electronic Products


Automotive Products