YPC Malaysia Medical Device officially opened in December 2014. We had the certificate ISO 9001:2015 Clause 8 Operation and TUV SUD: ISO 13485:2016. We are also approved by MIDA and obtained Certificate of Foreign Medical Device Manufacturer (issued by Minister of Health, Labour & Welfare Japan). Our production is done in 100K clean rooms and facilities. Our process is from assembly, inspection, vacuum packing and shipment locally and export.


Our vision is to establish YPC Malaysia in the Medical Device industry to be the market leader and preferred provider of medical devices.


Our strategy is to provide professional service and quality products through maintaining high business ethics and committed on our customer’s needs and satisfaction.

Our Strength & Values

The General Flow of Entrance to Clean Room until Shipment

1st Hand Wash
Wash hand before enter locker room
Locker Room
Remove personal attire
Changing Room
Wear jump suite/hood/booties
2nd Hand Wash
Hand wash before enter the Clean Room (Antibacteria)
Air Shower
Pass through air shower before enter the Clean Room
Sticky Roller & Sanitizer
Apply sticky roller over jump suite. Then apply hand sanitizer
Assembly process (3 Clean Rooms)
Outgoing Inspection
Product Packing
Products cleaned with Ethanol and packed into polybag. Vacuum sealed.
Product Passage
Product packed in polybag, vacuum sealed and send out through Pass box
Products Packing
Products packed into carton box.